Royal Wedding Planning!

We have been preparing for the Royal Wedding today in Da Vinci, learning about past weddings that have taken place and facts about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. We were also asked to create crowns and tiaras for a fundraiser at the local Marks and Spencer and BP garage.  Here are our creations:


RNLI visit Da Vinci


A RNLI lifeguard came to talk to Da Vinci this afternoon about beach and water safety ready for the summer.  He showed the class all the different flags that they might see when they go to beaches with lifeguards and what they all meant.  He also brought along some of the equipment that lifeguards have, from their normal clothes to what they would wear when riding a jet-ski and what they would use when rescuing someone from the water.  The class also learnt what they should do if they ever got into difficulty at the beach.  They all enjoyed the talk and learnt some valuable lessons!

Class Worship 8.11.16

Year 4 enjoyed a visit from Father Greg during our Tuesday afternoon Class Worship. We talked about the Christian value of ‘Perseverance’ and we shared our own stories of personal perseverance. Father Greg explained that he often prays during moments of perseverance, and that even a short prayer or a few words with God or Jesus can help – ‘it’s like talking to a friend,’ he said.